Reflexions 2018

Winning with NextGen Stores

August 20-23, 2018

Las Vegas, NV, USA

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Take Control of Your Store Operations

See how Nextenture can help you take control of your Workforce Management & Labor Operations, helping you save millions of dollars in labor costs, increase sales and maximize gross margin.
At Nextenture we offer products and services that complete your retail technology eco-system & we provide Retail Strategy consulting with expertise in Reflexis systems, Change Management, Labor Modeling, Analytics & Time Studies.


Maximize Your Reflexis Platform

Stop struggling to execute customer engagement, omnichannel, and labor operations strategies in your stores.


Product extensions that complete the Reflexis ecosystem. We will do the work so you don’t have to.

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Industry-leading Reflexis implementations led by experts, configured to your specific needs.

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Retail Strategy consultants offering expertise in Change Management, Labor Modeling, Time Studies & Analytics.

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Where Retail Implementations Fail: 5 Ways To Avoid It

Where Retail Implementations Fail: 5 Ways To Avoid It

The following post has been written by Libby Romfh, our Director of Customer Success & Retail Strategy. Even with a great project plan and a fully-aligned corporate team, you can still hit every milestone and then go live in-store and get nothing. The store employees...

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Appointment Booking: Retail’s Newest Tool

Appointment Booking: Retail’s Newest Tool

Retail currently stands at a crossroads. Technology is redefining what many previously took for granted in the customer experience. In the age of Amazon, what can retail do to keep people coming back to stores? According to Forbes, the number one need that customers...

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Effective Parenting is a Journey!

Effective Parenting is a Journey!

In this week of Nextenture blog posts, our office manager Katie Goodwill compares the Nextenture company's services with her experience as a mother. Being the new employee with Nextenture, I was somewhat caught off guard when asked to write the...

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“Every time a new customer comes in, we would like them to use Nextenture because they are a very trusted partner of ours. Domain expertise is so critical to a successful deployment – and Nextenture has it in spades.”

– Prashanth Palakurthi, Founder & CEO of Reflexis Systems

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