COVID-19 Support for ALL Reflexis ONE™ Customers

Our solution consultants are available to support Reflexis ONE™ platform users with COVID related consultations at no cost. Please reach out to us at if you have a particular need we can guide you on. For example: a) Temporarily setting up virtual locations, b) creating auto-updating distribution lists of open locations, c) manually adjusting load files to perform bulk updates and anything else you may want.

We have produced a few webcasts for you on the most relevant topics. Hope they help.

Thank You,

Maygan Cianflone, COO


COVID Webcasts Disclaimer

Reflexis Implementation Team at Nextenture has produced this series of webcasts to help users perform basic functions that may be crucial during lockdown, phased closing / reopening and the uncertainty in business operations due to personnel with COVID related absences. These webcasts are not polished like our standard Discovery eLearning™ content. Objective is to help you quickly perform a specific task. If you need a video or some quick consult on any topic related to Reflexis ONE platform, please email us at

Broadcasting Messages

Managing Store Hours for Phased Reopening

Managing Employee Availability

Out-of-Office Delegation

In-flight Projects – What To Do?

Phased Closing of Stores

Forecasting Without Enough History Data