Keep your promise everytime with Employee Schedule and assets aware booking experience

Events & Workshops

Transform your events and workshops into a streamlined operation

Virtual Queues & Floor Capacity

Track every in-and-out on the floor and make it easy to queue-up when floor is  at capacity, virtually or physically.

Curbside & BOPIS

Deliver with a smile and make “I’m Here” your new identity.

Opportunity List

Smart, rule based matching of sellers on the floor to the customers in the queue.

Enterprise Analytics

Gain deeper insights into your business performance and track lost opportunities with dozens of prebuilt reports.



Financial Institutions



Dine-In Restaurants

Fitness Clubs






Zebra Services

Level LMS™


Service Sense™

Nextenture Home

Engage 360°

Multi-channel customer engagement for enterprises

Your teammate and customer experiences - integrated

From checking wait-times online to executing in-person appointments or home-delivery of goods, Engage 360° can help you simplify every aspect of your Customer’s engagement under one umbrella

Wait-Times, Queues & Check-ins

Display wait-times & busy times online, let customers add themselves to the queue virtually and check-in into the lobby with geofencing capabilities.


Simple, branded 1-2-3 booking experience matching employee schedules, skills, inventory and immobile assets to find a slot that is guaranteed to deliver best customer experience

Events & Workshops

From registering for events to tracking actual attendance and post-event actions, Engage 360° can help you deliver an  unmatched event expertience

Employee Learning

Make lesson creation accessible to more in-house experts, intelligently identify target employees and put education in their pockets

Curbside & BOPIS

Deliver with a smile and make “I’m Here” your new identity.

Floor Management

Smart, rule based matching of sellers on the floor to the customers in the queue.

Enterprise Analytics

Gain deeper insights into your business performance and track lost opportunities with dozens of prebuilt reports.

Service Productivity

Service Sense™ makes it easy for your own field staff to observe processes frequently, thus helping you generate thousands of new observations and saving hundreds of thousands in third-party consultants to do this simple task.

Serve your customers. Wherever they are.

Engage 360° is built to schedule and execute customer interactions on-premise, virtually or even at customer’s home

At Home

On Premise






Fitness Club


Customer Journey Templates

Our flexible WordPress style templates help build a workflow that is just right for your customers. Pick a template that is  right for you and adjust it to craft your perfect customer journey. Want to start simple and grow sophisticated over time? It’s all in the bag with the configuration options. Don’t find a template that suits you? No worries. Use  our APIs to build your own UX from scratch.

Schedule and Asset Awareness

Awareness of Employee schedules, physical assets (rooms, chairs etc), ability to check on inventory (vaccines etc), buffer time between appointments, and dozens of such features ensure that every appointment a customer makes is a promise that you will always be able to keep.

Integrate data from external systems or manage it in the app, choice is yours!

Follow-up Appointments

Engage has the built in rules engine to define the cadence and workflow of appointments, suggest the next best appointment slot, communicate with your customers at the right moment and manage the entire chain of appointments as a single story.

  • Drop-off/pick-up combination of appointments for repair work where customer drop off merchandise and receives notification to pick it up when the work is completed.
  • A second scheduled visit for a COVID-19 second vaccination after three weeks
  • A series of nurse visits in home healthcare where appointment schedule is determined by the care plan established for the patient.
  • Reserving the next slot at the end of appointment and sending appropriate reminders is a good revenue model in a Beauty Salon.

Session Management

Step-by-step management of the actual customer visit is core to Engage. You and your customer have the ability to manage the actual appointment session right from “I am Running Late” to “I am Here”, Pre-session Forms such as Safety questions or Pre-Op form, Session Notes and Marking the session as In-Progress & Complete.

Session management generates a wealth of information to provide you with never-seen-before insights into your service delivery through our powerful analytics module.

    Start-to-finish Customer Journey.

    Engage Appointments is the most feature rich platform in the market, offering a plethora of options for you to deliver the best customer care you can imagine for your customers.


    Customize Booking Workflows

    Customers can book using responsive branded UI from any location on your website and experience a unique workflow from each location.

    Powerful Service Management

    Manage every aspect of services you deliver (Service Time, Cost, Assets, Buffer Time, Prep Time etc) globally and for each location.

    Customizable Communications

    Configure every SMS & Email from confirmations and reminders, to thank you notes to ad-hoc communications. Synchronize calendars and more.


    Custom Forms

    Capture custom pre-session information such as COVID safety questions or post-session info such as post-op forms.

    Lost Opportunity Tracking

    Track when a customer leaves the booking process and generate powerful insights into growth opportunities.

    Member Portal

    Registered members can login to manage their appointments, history, favorites and profile. Optionally post reviews online.


    Multiple Languages

    Engage supports use in multiple simultaneous languages for customers with locations in multiple regions.


    Add-ons & Plugins

    Engage is built on open architecture allowing you to swap modules (Ex. EMail), with a third-party plugin.

    Integrations & APIs

    Automate movement of data between appointments and major enterprise applications such as HRMS and CRM.

    See your business like never before.

    From tracking lost opportunities to identifying company wide trends in customer engagement, Nextenture’s sophisticated analytics engine will help you gain concise, actionable intelligence. Use dozens of pre-built reports or extract data to use in your own analytics tools, its all in the bag!