Keep Customer Engagement at the Front and Center of your workday

Comprehensive Enterprise Reporting

Engage offers a comprehensive set of reports to help you gain insight into every aspect of your Customer Engagement from appointments and queues to workshops and floor capacity planning.

Aggregate data into organizational units and different time frequencies to learn seasonal trends in your business in different markets.

Behavioral Analytics

Learn booking trends amongst repeat customers and new customers to get insight into customer behavior.

Check out data from multiple business activities such as queues and appointments in a single report to learn of your customer’s journey and how to maximize your returns.

Review cancellation trends and fall-through reports to learn about the lost business opportunities.

Extracts for External Reporting

Engage offers a comprehensive set of extract to export all your data into CSV files so that you can embed it into any reporting tools of your choice to build cross-purpose reports and dashboards in any third party reporting tool.