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Transform your events and workshops into a streamlined operation

Virtual Queues & Floor Capacity

Track every in-and-out on the floor and make it easy to queue-up when floor is  at capacity, virtually or physically.

Curbside & BOPIS

Deliver with a smile and make “I’m Here” your new identity.

Opportunity List

Smart, rule based matching of sellers on the floor to the customers in the queue.

Enterprise Analytics

Gain deeper insights into your business performance and track lost opportunities with dozens of prebuilt reports.



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Unified Floor Capacity & Queue Management

Transition incoming traffic seamlessly from direct floor entry into queue by keeping track of the floor capacity. Engage auto-initiates queues when floor is at the maximum capacity and switches queue off when the floor is available for direct entry. Make your customer’s waiting experience a delight by covering all aspects of the visit from self-checkin, waitlist notifications to the conclusion of the visit while adhering to floor capacity regulations.

Talk to us about the benefits only a true enterprise platform can offer.

Integrated Floor Capacity Management

Supporting changing regulations about social distancing and gaining customer trust to enter indoors is crucial to businesses in the coming months. Engage Queue’s built in Floor Capacity Tracker can help you ensure that your customers walk onto a well tended floor and receive the attention they deserve from your staff.

  • Customize the capacity of each location based on their individual needs and local regulations.
  • Maintain an accurate total by including employees, pre-scheduled appointments and walk-in customers.
  • Further enhance customer experience by seamlessly transitioning to queues when the floor is at max capacity.

Intelligent Hybrid Queues

Enterprise Queue Management helps regulate customer flow, makes your customer service transparent, boosts staff morale and helps you deliver an engaging customer service experience. Regulating traffic is also crucial to boost customer comfort as you consider reopening post pandemic. 

  • Create a combined queue of in-person and virtual (QR codes) customers and make customers aware of their position in the queue and expected wait time.
  • Inform the customers to make their way to the reception through rule based messaging.
  • Use Engage’s enterprise capabilities to customize the workflow and the data you capture can help you further organize customers waiting experience and your service delivery.

    Configuration options to support enterprises

    Starting from how the floor transitions from direct walk-in to queue, how many queues are formed, what data you collect when the queue starts forming and how a customer converts from waiting to a future appointment, every feature of Engage Queue can be customized and branded to your specifications.

    Direct customers to a specific location on the floor based on the service they are checking in for and build a total customer journey that is just right for your customers and individual locations to get the most of a solution that is truly built for enterprises.

    Orchestrated Customer Journey

    Engage Queue is the most feature rich platform in the market, offering plethora of options for you to deliver the best customer care you can imagine for your customers.

    Queue Capacity

    Maintain a max capacity for each queue so that customers cannot add themselves to the queue once is reaches its limit.

    Service Specific Queues

    Design one queue or a queue per service and allow customers to walk-in or add themselves to the queue virtually.


    Customer Notifications

    Send branded notifications to the customers updating them on the queue position based on configurable rules.

    Convert To Future Appointment

    Employees can click on a queue entry and convert the customer from queue directly into a future appointment.


    Workflow Customization

    Customize data fields, workflow and branding to make the user experience entirely branded to you business.

    Walk-out Tracking

    Track how many customers leave the queue in different times of the day to gain insights into customer behavior.

    Facebook & Apple IDs

    Make it easy for the customers to add themselves to the queue by capturing their information from Facebook or Apple.


    Multiple Languages

    Engage supports use in multiple simultaneous languages for customers with locations in multiple regions.

    Display APIs

    Use our APIs to display queue positions on large displays such as Televisions or  Electronic display boards.

    See your business like never before

    From tracking lost opportunities to identifying company wide trends in customer engagement, Nextenture’s sophisticated analytics engine will help you gain concise, actionable intelligence. Use dozens of pre-built reports or extract data to use in your own analytics tools, its all in the bag!