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Nextenture: 2018 in Review

December 26, 2018


As the end of 2018 approaches, Nextenture heads toward 2019: the final year of a transformative decade for the retail industry. Our goal over the last year was to proactively find cutting-edge solutions for specific retail woes.
We took the first step in discovering what the stores of the 2020s will look like through Floresight, our brand new experiential retailing platform.
Using the Floresight visual labor modeling solution, store managers can simulate working environments from existing data in any labor management system. The application sits within the revolutionary Floresight platform, which Nextenture spent all of 2018 refining for its customers.
Throughout the year, we conducted time studies for retail giants like Love’s Travel Stops, JC Penney, and Estée Lauder. We used the Floresight engineered labor standards solution. In 2019, we will launch the full, subscription-based edition of Floresight, which will have each product included and integrated with each other.
If 2017 was the year marked by progress in becoming Reflexis‘ official development and implementation partner, 2018 was the year in which Nextenture evolved its partner relationship even further. We continued providing first class implementations and post-rollout services for retail customers, supporting many through the use of a 24/7, 365 support team.
Today, Nextenture is bigger than ever before. We have 42 employees and a developed commitment to our training program, Discovery Learning™. Our Director of Learning, Deidre Shapiro, played a key role in hiring a series of training developers and digital educators for this venture. As she leads Discovery Learning™, Deidre is simultaneously creating a new do-it-yourself toolkit that aims to both train store users on workforce management software products and guide retailers on how to best implement their tools on their own, if they so choose.
We pride ourselves on the diversity of our services, as well as how we tailor each one for customers. For example, we created a blended learning and process optimization package for Love’s Travel Stops. Led by both Deidre and Libby Romfh, our Director of PMO and Change Management, we combined a mix of implementation consulting, change management, and online training to be both solution-specific and fit the Love’s company culture.
The Nextenture services surrounding our customers’ ecosystems also entered deeper technical territory than ever before. Harshal Tole, our newly hired director of engineering, led the way in making a diverse set of APIs and software plugins, which included functions like extracting time clock punches and pay detail files for all Reflexis users. Harshal additionally developed mobile notifications for StorePulse® and led the Reflexis Data Exchange program. Here, he and the Nextenture team transformed client data files into Reflexis format, as well as handled support for various prior versions of Reflexis solutions.
Another development for the Nextenture-Reflexis partnership was the fall hiring of Keshav Shivdasani, the former Reflexis Director of Global Marketing, as the new Nextenture Head of Operations. Using his experience within retail and a decade’s worth of raw Reflexis knowledge, Nextenture has a closer bond with our biggest business partner. Following up her work from 2017, Nextenture Director of Implementations Maygan Cianflone continued to act as the reference point for all implementation projects. A former gatekeeper at American Eagle and Business Analyst for Reflexis, Maygan offers Nextenture key store, product, and operational insight. Whether with customers like Royal Farms, Wawa or Walgreens, her keen eye to detail has been critical for client success.
Nextenture spent 2018 exploring the intersection of solution implementation, retail strategy, and in-house product development. We brought retail giants greater store operations, optimized workforces, and satisfied customers.
From the Nextenture family: here’s to a great holiday season and the beginning of a new year.


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