Driving large-scale workforce transformations and maximizing  opportunities created by industry disruptions

Staffing Budgets

  • Budgeting processes improvement
  • Incorporating modern industry trends
  • Budgeting for skill development
  • Budgeting for future initiatives

Staffing Forecasts

  • Process & Customer Interaction Study
  • Staffing with Budgetary Constraints
  • Staffing design for maximum Productivity
  • Accuracy in short term staffing forecasts

Schedule Optimization

  • Labor Law Compliance
  • Stable & Optimized Schedules
  • Cross-site Staffing for Productivity
  • FT:PT Ratio Optimization

Mobile Timekeeping

  • Geo-fenced mobile time-keeping
  • Attendance & Absence management
  • Meal & Rest Break compliance
  • Accurate Overtime calculations

Field Communication

  • Task Management
  • General Communications
  • Document Repositories
  • Forms & Report Submissions

Customer Engagement

  • Virtual & In-Person Appointments
  • Curbside & BOPIS
  • Queue & Lobby Management
  • Customer-Employee Chat

Site Inspections & Audits

  • Inspections for Policy Compliance
  • Auditing Process Standardization
  • Self-auditing Practices
  • Post-audit actions and reporting

Workforce Analytics

  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • User Behavioral Trends
  • AI for Schedule Quality & Fairness
  • AI for Staff Performance Analysis





One-Stop-Shop for all workforce technology services

Workforce Strategy

  • Begin transformation with a reliable understanding of the ROI – scientifically engineered by combining experience, market trends, and your goals.
  • Build a proven transformation strategy incorporating real world Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Be better prepared with readiness checks, resources, business objectives and an achievable goal-driven execution plan.

RFP Preparation

  • Make Fair Work Week and changing labor law ordinance a key theme in your requirements
  • Incorporate Gig Economy, Site Clusters, Floating Associate and other modern trends in RFP
  • Clearly define what a MVP (minimum viable product) means to you
  • Benefit from our deep understanding of technology stacks to select a platform that suits your ecosystem

Process & CX Standards

  • Study of employees and customers to gain deeper understanding of your operating environment
  • Establish standards for Processes & Customer Experience with Nextenture’s proprietary Service Sense™ technology
  • Develop mathematically accurate staffing framework that allows for site-to-site variations in operating needs.
  • Plan every task with customer experience at the center


  • Design your solution and rollout plan to track to the pre-identified objectives
  • Complete rollouts on-schedule with our pre-built data templates, documents and best-practice guides for each phase of the project
  • Onshore-Offshore project resourcing model perfected over 10 years to save you on services costs.
  • Iterative build-and-pilot model to help you perfect the system while including field teams into the initiative.
  • Hyper-care to support the entire organization through the rollout

Integrations & IT Services

  • Nextenture is the only specialized workforce consultancy with a full-service IT department with prior experience specifically in integrating workforce technologies into enterprise ecosystem.
  • Shave months off your project and eliminate ongoing IT burden by using our proprietary technology to integrate your existing HR, Payroll and POS data into the platform.
  • Extend the platform functionality to support unique business scenarios by developing advanced APIs and integrations.

Train & Manage Change

Speed user adoption, save hundreds of thousands of dollars in training costs, improve software utilization and make training easily accessible to your field staff with our learning and change management program.

  • Change communication strategy
  • Stake holder interviews
  • Change readiness surveys
  • Classroom training
  • Train-the-trainers
  • Software administration training
  • Reporting platform training
  • IT staff training
  • eLearning
  • Job Aids

Analytics & Reporting

  • Develop custom reports & dashboards
  • Export data to third-party reporting tools
  • Advanced data analysis to identify behavioral patterns and opportunities for system improvement
  • Incorporate data from public data sources such as Bureau of Labor Statistics or Weather Channel into workforce platforms to gain broader perspective
  • Gain deeper insights into your field operations and unlock the full potential of your workforce. Nextenture can help you develop 

    24x7 Help Desk

    • Field staff at dozens of customer have a direct line to Nextenture’s premier product experts and certified solution trainers 24×7.
    • Achieve the full potential of workforce technology, minimize compliance risks and improve the productivity of your staff.
    • Professionally supported field employees lead to better product adoption
    • Receive regular reports on actions, behavioral trends and training requirements