Productivity Measurement Platform for
Service Industry

DIY Productivity Standards

Service Sense™ makes it easy for your own field staff to observe processes frequently, thus helping you generate thousands of new observations and saving hundreds of thousands in third-party consultants to do this simple task.

Keep your Productivity Standards current today and over the years using Service Sense™.


Built for Service Industry

Traditional Productivity Measurement methods in-use are all borrowed from Manufacturing industry where they are useful for machine operators in a single factory setting.

Service Sense™ is specifically designed for service industry, where there are more person-to-person interactions, hundreds of business locations and processes can differ somewhat from location to location.

Statistically Accurate

Traditionally  businesses live with less than optimum productivity measurements to keep cost of observing processes using third party contractors low.

Service Sense™ can be used by your staff at each business locations allowing you to observe each process thousands of times and providing you with adequate data to build an accurate picture of each process.

Service Sense™ is right for all multi-location businesses

Develop a reliable, sustainable and measurable customer service model with Service Sense™

Intuitive Made-for-Everyone Observation UI

Observing a process with Service Sense™ is as easy as one button click.

Start observing a processes, pause and continue measurements for any interruptions and perform all common time observation actions from one simple intuitive User Interface. Service Sense™ even tracks the amount of time a process was interrupted for.

Visual cues help observers know what the next step in the process is. Easily change the sequence of actions if the process does not follow the standard sequence.

Easily collect additional data about each process such as types of transactions, customer gender, age group to build a sophisticated Customer Service Model.

Sample Calculator

Smart Calculator built into Service Sense™ app can help you calculate the exact number of observations you would need to get an accurate picture of the process you want to baseline.

Readings – Live

Service Sense is built to cater for the possibility that a layman user can make observation errors.

Readings view is updated live over cloud with all the observation activity underway in the field.

Get insights into every step in every observation and eliminate any erroneous data that is automatically highlighted for you.

AI Smart Check

For certain high volume tasks, Service Sense AI can help you verify accuracy of your observations by comparing your observation data with with the data from POS Terminals or Traffic Counters.

AI can also advise you when it is time to refresh your standard data.


Customer Service Model Analytics

Powerful dashboards and reports are core part of Service Sense™. Track your entire service model, new measurement activity underway in the field and how your processes are changing over time. Compare service times in different parts of your organization and find erroneous observations using dozens of canned reports. Or, export data to your data warehouse for cross-functional analysis.