Keep your promise everytime with Employee Schedule and assets aware booking experience

Events & Workshops

Transform your events and workshops into a streamlined operation

Virtual Queues & Floor Capacity

Track every in-and-out on the floor and make it easy to queue-up when floor is  at capacity, virtually or physically.

Curbside & BOPIS

Deliver with a smile and make “I’m Here” your new identity.

Opportunity List

Smart, rule based matching of sellers on the floor to the customers in the queue.

Enterprise Analytics

Gain deeper insights into your business performance and track lost opportunities with dozens of prebuilt reports.



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Documents & Concepts for your Workforce Transformation Initiatives

We believe in freely sharing the knowledge and artifacts we have built over 20 years. Learn workforce transformation concepts and download material that would help you speed up your project timelines, get better at your role, and help your organization maximize the ROI from your workforce transformation initiatives. Our learning center includes Infographics, Project Plans, RFPs, Labor Standards and key concepts.

Our learning center is new and evolving. Currently we are processing all our materials so that we can be shared them with you. But, if you have an idea for new material, or a question/comment about our material, please email us at and we will do our best to take care of your request.

Elements of an Effective Schedule

Elements of an Effective Schedule

What factors do you need to consider to build an effective schedule? This infographic is a great way to learn how enterprise workforce management systems are constructed to deliver the best outcome for your business.

Anatomy of a Staffing Forecast

Anatomy of a Staffing Forecast

Learn how workforce management systems forecast labor. Beginning with the final output, this infographic peels each layer of the forecast calculation to give you great insight into inner workings of labor forecasting software.