TNT is excited to announce the rollout of Floresight KPI Coach to its 5,500 seasonal stands and tents across the United States.

“TNT was already looking into KPI Coach prior to the current Covid-19 situation, as we see computer based learning as an effective way to provide and reinforce training opportunities. However, that quickly changed to seeing KPI Coach as a core tool for this period of social distancing,” said Preston Platt, Vice President – East, of TNT Fireworks. “TNT chose KPI Coach due to its simple-to-understand learner environment, easy-to-build lessons, and the responsiveness from Nextenture.”

Nextenture CEO & Founder Nikhil Kinikar added, “We are thrilled to be working with TNT Fireworks to reimagine how retail learning can take place safely and effectively during, and after, Covid-19. This engagement affords us the opportunity to battle test our KPI Coach LMS in a new line of business that redefines retail agility. We thank TNT Fireworks for their partnership and look forward to finding new ways to innovate together.”

TNT Fireworks will utilize KPI Coach’s streamlined in-app lesson creation tools to reduce development timelines. Then, TNT users will receive and take their lessons within their own personalized queue. They will track the progress of their vast network of users to ensure readiness using KPI Coach’s suite of dashboards and reports.

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About TNT Fireworks

TNT Fireworks operates in 49 states in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, and Puerto Rico. What started from a roadside newsstand now services over 40,000 big box retail locations, 5,500 seasonal stands or tents, 25 Supercenters, and hundreds of wholesalers.

About Nextenture, Inc.

Nextenture delivers products and services that help retailers excel. Nextenture provides critical benefits to dozens of leading global brands in Quick-Service Retail, Pharmacy, Big Box, Grocery, Technology, and Convenience. With its Floresight platform, Nextenture is building the future of retail tools and redefining ease of use for the enterprise. Learn more at and

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