Empowering work choices

At the heart of exceptional banking services lies a bankers ability to make work choices throughout the day.

Like, choosing to switch from a task to attend to customers, or to complete an overdue inspection. Every moment of work time has a dollar value attached to it. And the work employees chose to perform at that moment matters – to the customer’s perception of the bank, to their own work satisfaction and to the health of the business.

An integrated software solution, like NPC, revolutionalizes work choices by consolidating essential banking operations into one platform, ensuring smoother workflows and improved communication across all functions. All work – from all functions – messaging, tasks, checklists, schedules, time tracking, appointments, learning et al is gathered up in a single deck of ordered cards so that the banker always knows answer to ‘what next’!

role of artificial intelligence

AI understands relationship between different functions employees are supposed to perform and their relative importance to the business as a whole.

AI also understands if an action or an alert gains or loses value over time if it remains unattended.

For example: If a manager receives two alerts a) Jon hasn’t returned from lunch break yet b) Cleanliness inspection is overdue. If the manager does not acknowledge either of these notifications, AI understands that the lunch break alert three days later isn’t as critical as that overdue inspection.

Ultimate objective of AI in NPC is to help employees make better work choices.


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