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Copilot™: A DIY toolkit for better deployments

February 5, 2019

Project Management

Whether it’s planning for successful software deployments, adequate budgets for training, or sufficient manpower, chances are that you already know how to ensure that software implementations run smoothly. In addition, success involves having greater control and pinpointing how exactly you want your solution to fit your organization’s specific needs.
These needs and more have inspired our team to create Copilot™: a do-it-yourself hybrid digital training toolkit to guide retailers through their deployments. Copilot™ combines training elements typically associated with late stages of implementations and applies them throughout the whole process.
Most implementations innately come with several obstacles. Companies are required to quantify the scope of a deployment, correspond back and forth with the client on solution functionality, configure necessary changes, test products for quality assurance and then deploy the solutions chain-wide with complementary post-implementation services. It can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to communicate basic unique needs from the retailer’s side to the implementation team.
Copilot™ guides retailers and simplifies implementations, allowing them to design and configure exactly what they want at lower cost. It has interactive eLearning, webinars, white papers, blogs, audio presentations and case studies for users to access. Copilot™ also includes references, templates and worksheets for clients to fill out with pertinent info regarding their organization. In many ways, it applies standard Learning Management practices and principles to the world of solution implementations.
Ultimately, Copilot™ harnesses expertise from certified training, consulting, and deployment leaders at Nextenture to allow retailers to control the very fabric of their deployment.
Find out more about Copilot™ and set up a demo with one of our team members today.


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