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No Retail in Top 10?

No Retail in Top 10?

It is a curious fact that Bureau of labor statistics, CNN Money, Payscale.com and other web sites make no mention of Retail in any of their Top 10 lists. Retail, the largest employment market with over 6.5 million workers covering a wide variety of duties is...

Business forecast accuracy – Does it matter?

Business forecast accuracy – Does it matter?

Retail store manager needs a forecast of her business to decide number of shifts she needs to staff. Most enterprise workforce scheduling softwares, as a pre-cursor to calculating labor needed in the store, provide a module to forecast sales ($sales, customers etc)....

Ms. Navarro of Starbucks

Ms. Navarro of Starbucks

Recent news in nytimes.com about Ms. Navarro is really an opportunity in disguise for materialistic workforce scheduling specialists like myself. After many a years, the word 'scheduling software' has made any kind of headline! I must ignore Ms. Navarro's plight and...